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December 16, 2009
  PHIL CAMPBELL View In Memoriam
  PHIL CAMPBELL In loving memory of our dear husband, father, grandfather and brother who passed away December 16, 2007. You are always in our thoughts and in our hearts. We ...

  ELIZABETH CAP View In Memoriam
  ELIZABETH CAP Peacefully sleeping, resting at last, The world's weary trouble and trials are past. In silence she suffered, in patience she bore, Till God called her home to suffer ...

  FRED KUDLAK View In Memoriam
  FRED KUDLAK In loving memory of our Dad and Grandpa, Fred, who passed away December 16, 1992. Those whom we love do not die, But forever live in our hearts. ...

  HELEN C. LING View In Memoriam
  HELEN C. LING In Loving Memory June 23, 1929 - December 16, 2005 Loved in life and living yet in the hearts of those who never forget. Love, your family ...

  RICHARD NEWTON View In Memoriam
  RICHARD NEWTON On December 16th, five years ago, God knew you were suffering and called you home. The cross you carried for so many years was lifted and finally the ...

  BRIAN SEALE View In Memoriam
  BRIAN SEALE Missing you, Dad, now and always. Love, Donna and Trev. Papa Brian - we wish we met you and we love you -- Rachel and Daria. ...

  HEATHER SEXTON View In Memoriam
  HEATHER SEXTON Mom- We'll always remember that special smile, that caring heart, that warm embrace you always gave us. Through good and bad times, no matter what. We'll always remember ...

  WINIFRED HEATHER SEXTON December 16, 2003 If all the world were ours to give, We'd give it yes and more, To see your loving smile again, And greet you at ...

  CORY SMITH View In Memoriam
  CORY SMITH January 4, 1975 - December 16, 2000 Life just seems to keep passing by, But memories of you will never die. Our love for you lives on and ...

  JON ZIRK View In Memoriam
  JON ZIRK October, 1978 - December, 2003 Till we meet again Love Mom, Dad and family