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HOME PAGE – Name Field – Type the name of the deceased and press submit. An exact match to the name as it appeared in the newspaper is required. If you know only the first name and last name, enter them with a % symbol after the first name: eg. John% Doe


Enter only the last name in the Name field and leave the date fields blank.  This will result in a list of all notices on the site with that name in the heading.

VIEW TODAY’S LISTINGS – entries in today’s newspaper. These entries are posted by 9:30 a.m. and remain on the site until midnight, when they move to "The last 30 days" by date.

VIEW LAST 30 DAYS – entries of dates going back 30 days. Click on a date to view the obituary notices for that day. Each day’s list contains the full name of the deceased, as well as the first line or two of the obituary text.

VIEW ARCHIVE – entries are posted back to September 1999. Please note there are nine non publishing days per year. Therefore, there are no notices posted for those days.  The easiest way to locate a notice is to type in the name you are looking for, eg. Anne Smith, and press submit. If you enter only Smith, you will get a list of every Smith in the database, with the most recent appearing at the top of the list. You will also get any name that contains those same letters, again with most recent at the top of the list. If you enter a month and year, you will be prompted for a date, which you may not know.

      KEYWORD SEARCH ON CONTENT – is not available

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