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MATHIAS (MATT) GERBER (published on December 22, 2007)

MATHIAS (MATT) GERBER With great sadness, at the age of 76, on the evening of December 9, 2007 with his children and grandchildren at his side Matt went to the angels. He leaves behind his dear wife Ernestine of 58 years, daughter Rita (James), sons Paul (Debra), Peter (Miroslava), grandchildren Jaelyn, Janelle, Mercedes, Julia, Karl, Phil, Matt, Judy (and family), great-grandchildren and relatives in Europe. He came to Canada with his wife and first son when he was twenty. Matt and Ernestine did everything together and never left each other's side. Matt lived a beautiful life and fulfilled all of his dreams. He had an extremely strong spirit and left this world with dignity and honor. Hospital staff was surprised by his strength and his will to live as he surpassed all of their expectations. But his family knew his surprising strength and abilities, our dad never gave up and there wasn't anything he couldn't do. Matt enjoyed oil painting as a hobby and left us with some beautiful pieces of art to cherish, as well as his cabin in Hnausa, which he built and designed all by himself. He was an extremely smart, talented, and kindhearted man who adored animals. Every dog within running distance adopted our dad as they also sensed his kind heart and soul. Matt woke up every morning whistling and smiling. We believe God needed our daddy back to remember how to make more Matt Gerber's so he could make this world a happier place. A special verse for you dad from your daughter's heart; the last things you taught me were how to let go, and be strong. Papa, when I was a little girl You never left my side, The safest place was in your shadow Where, from this world I could hide. You cuddled me with loving hands And a loving heart, like none I've known, You carried me inside your soul And said I'd understand this when I'm grown. You said I wouldn't need your shadow And I'd learn to let you go, Well Papa, now that day has come And God I miss you so. I held you tight in your last days And never left your side, I protected you in my shadow And wiped the tears you cried. I have never seen a man so strong You fought the fight to the end, A man of steel with the heart of an angel I miss you my best friend. I'll never forget the look in your eyes As you turned and said help me, Papa, I gave you everything To help set your soul free. We cuddled together cheek to cheek As my teardrops moistened your face, I heard you moan its okay my baby I'll go in God's grace. I watched you take your last breath Such a pain I've never known, Papa its now that I understand What you taught me as I've grown. Though I no longer see your smiling face I carry you in my soul, For in my world there's now an emptiness Where your smile was, an eternal hole. I couldn't wait for your suffering to pass So that your soul could be free, I just wish God knew you were my angel And I still needed you here with me. Papa I wrote these words from my heart For I want you to know, That time and space cannot part us Though I now must let you go. I can no longer walk in your shadow But you are with me everyday, Like I promised we'll be together And I'll learn to find my way. My babies, my husband, and doggy Are here for me now, They will look after me as you wished And we'll get through this somehow. Mommy loves you eternally And we will take care of her, We'll cherish the memories of our family As they once were. Please go to heaven free of your pain My Papa you must try, Go to the angels and be king My Papa; go SKY HIGH.

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