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AYA NAHIR (published on August 23, 2008)

AYA NAHIR December 18, 1969 May 12, 2008 We are deeply saddened by the loss of our daughter, partner, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and dear friend, Aya (Ester) Nahir, on Monday, the of May 12, 2008. Aya is deeply mourned by her parents, Moshe Nahir and Tsippi Guttmann-Nahir; her partner and beloved friend, Glenn Symons; her brother and sister-in-law Micheal (Mickey) Nahir and Heidi von Graevenitz, and nephew and niece Daniel and Hannah; her uncle Yossi Guttmann; Tsvika Nahir and many other cousins; and godfather Ilan Millo and wife Belle. Aya struggled mightily and heroically with bipolar disorder for two decades. Despite the immense forces against her, she continued studying as long as she could and excelled in many different areas, particularly in graphic arts and design, writing and computer science. Her talents and abilities in language, drawing and music were astounding. Aya was a brilliant jewel, who brought a special light an unearthly light with her, into this world. She shined with brilliance over the whole range of human expression. A beautiful young woman, she was artistic, musical with a brilliant intellect and a wicked sense of humour that pierced the heart. Her insights penetrated into people and life and shook the soul. Her kindness and honesty warmed the heart. As a child, she excelled in everything - in musical composition, in art and in writing. In drama, she had an uncanny ability to get into character and to connect with the mind, body, heart and soul of the individual, an ability she always retained, despite the intense challenges of her illness. Yet, how could this jewel, beautiful inside and out, bear such a brilliant light, carry so much voltage? By the time Aya reached her teen years, her delicate vessel burst under the impact of that light. Tragically, Aya spent the rest of her life in a desperate attempt to manage and comprehend that impact; eventually, in and out of hospital, and on medication. Even in hospital, Aya demonstrated deep care and kindness for her fellow patients, sharing what little she had, supporting others. Even when in the depths of delusion, she remained highly articulate, wickedly humorous, with an extraordinary ability to step outside of herself, analyze and even joke about her condition. Aya's family and friends also struggled. Without the love and tenacity of her parents, the tender relationship she shared with Glenn, and the care and commitment of her godfather Ilan, Aya's life would have been unbearable. Thank you, Aya, for teaching us that the path to serenity lies not through courage or wisdom, but through love and acceptance. We feel grateful and privileged to have known you. You will live in us, always. We wish to express our deep gratitude to our many dear friends for their sustained love and care during this very difficult time.

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