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LALITA PUROHIT (published on August 24, 2008)

LALITA PUROHIT It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our ba (grandmother). She was predeceased by our grandfather (her true soul mate) in January of 2008. She leaves behind her cherished son Bachu (Rekha), her treasured granddaughters Rupal, Sonal, Parusia, Nimisha; and her two precious dogs; Maxx (Goody Boy) and Morris (Moo Moo). Grandma was the third child born to Parsanben and Ambalal Travedi of Nar, India. She was a loving and benevolent daughter and sister to her many siblings. She kept close ties with all of them despite the geographical distance between them. Shortly after she took my grandfather's hand in marriage; they together embarked on a journey that would last them a lifetime. Their primary destination: East Africa. She was a social foreigner here, with no family or friends to guide her. Grandma's genuine warmth and charisma; enabled her to swiftly make friends and be revered by those that befriended her. These friendships transcended generations and passed the test of time. In 1972, they stayed for a brief period in Great Britain. There after in May of 1973 to date, they established permanent residence in Winnipeg, MB. Throughout this time grandma continued making a rich tapestry of exceptional friendships. Grandma honored her titles of daughter, sister, wife, mother, mother-in-law, and grandmother in the highest measure. A common thread unified these roles; her unconditional and bountiful love. A love that was ubiquitous, accepting, and powerful in the absence of words. She prayed daily for only five minutes and performed it with the utmost sincerity. That is the mantra that she lived her life by. She was a woman who spoke kindly, was non judgmental, and a true philanthropist. Thus she lived her life as a prayer. Although not formally educated, she was a highly cultured woman who was modern for her time. She carried out the roles as financial wizard, compassionate nurse, and life coach with great success. Grandma dotted on her four granddaughters or as she referred to us, her four diamonds. Her abiding devotion and zeal for us was prodigious. Grandma taught us many life lessons not through preaching but by self example. These lessons would inspire our societal contributions and influence our professional choices in humanitarian fields. She was a highly optimistic and selfless person who faced many adversities in her life. Instead of becoming jaded by them, they humbled her. Our family was extremely blessed to have such an extra ordinary human being in our life. She may have been only one woman to the worldbut she was the world to us. A public prayer to honour her life will be held on Monday, August 25, 2008 at the Hindu Temple (854 Ellice Ave) from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. In the lieu of flowers a monetary donation can be made to the Purohit family towards a charity fund in India. Glen Lawn Funeral Home 982-7550

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