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EDWARD MYMRYK (published on April 11, 2009)

EDWARD MYMRYK Born April 15, 1940, Ross, Manitoba Died November 21, 2008, Oakville, Ontario Predeceased by his parents, Harry and Annie (Rosiak). Both parents were born in Ukraine and emigrated to Canada during the desperate depression years. They worked hard on their farm. They loved this country and became proud and loyal Canadians. Ed was born at home at the farm. Mom's labour pains started around midnight, Dad had to get help with the birthing. It was a dark cold night. Dad could not leave Mother alone. I was just a small kid frightened by all the commotion going on. We had a school teacher living with us, Miss Dorothy Currie, Dad woke her up and asked her to go to his brother's place to bring Aunt Annie to assist in delivering the baby. Miss Currie dressed hurriedly and took Dad's bicycle to go the three miles to his brother's place. April, a time when the earth has thawed, the ground is very soft, ruts were cut deep into the mud where wagons rode. Miss Currie had to abandon the bicycle, riding was impossible. She continued on foot. The mud was so thick it sucked one rubber boot off her foot. In the darkness she could not find the boot. She arrived at Uncle George's place, cold, tired and barefoot. Uncle George and Annie and Miss Currie finally arrived by horse and carriage in time to help deliver this beautiful, healthy baby boy. Many times Mom and Dad spoke of Miss Currie with gratitude and affection. To our family she remained a priceless friend. Ed served his apprenticeship in the newspaper printing trade in Brampton, Ontario at Charters Publishing under the training of his brother-in-law Bill Woroshyl. Eventually Ed established his own company, Graphic Square, in Oakville. Ed's passion was golf. He loved children. He helped his brother-in-law Bill coach little tikes play hockey in Port Credit. He loved his little nephew Billy, taught him to ice skate on the home made ice rink in the back yard. When Ed cracked the shaft on his driver, he had it cut down to size so that Billy would start to enjoy playing the game of golf. In 1999, Ed was stricken with a stroke while at his cottage in Haliburton. He was transferred to Oakville Trafalgar Hospital by ambulance. Eventually he recovered enough to live at home but never to live independently. Our parents lived until retirement in Winnipeg. Then moved to be close to their children, first to Fort Erie, then to Oakville. They are resting at St. Jude Cemetery in Oakville. Precious brother, with tears and broken heart we part. Left to mourn, sister Stephie widow of Bill Woroshyl; nephew Bill Woroshyl (wife Rosanna), children, Matthew and Melissa. Many cousins and friends in Winnipeg, Ontario and across Canada. IN HIS LIGHT In His light God looked around his garden And He found an empty place And then He looked down upon the Earth And saw your tired face He put His arms around you And lifted you to rest God's garden must be beautiful He always takes the best He knew that you were suffering He knew you were in pain He knew that you would never Get well on Earth again He saw the road was getting rough And the hills were hard to climb So he closed your weary eyelids And whispered, Peace be Thine It broke our hearts to lose you But you did not go alone For part of us went with you The day God called you Home. Loving you always, Stephie and family.

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