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KAYE ROZIERE (published on May 16, 2009)

KAYE ROZIERE 1926 - 2009 Dancing until the end, Kaye (Lilian) Roziere died on May 13, 2009. Born in London, England, Kaye survived the evacuation and bombing of London during the war, endured the separation of her family when she immigrated to Canada as a war bride, and coped with the loss of her husband, Ray, in 2003 but she could not overcome the ruination of Alzheimer's disease. As her memory slowly eroded, her social graces and love of dance remained intact. Music could trigger her elegant sense of movement and lyrical recall like nothing else. Thank you to those who danced with her down the halls of Misericordia Place, allowing her some small moments of pleasure. Loving people like Clarita, Craig, Cecile, Vicki, Theresa, Ryan, Ella, Hannah, and many others shared a dance. Kaye leaves behind her beloved children, Brian, Michele, Kim, and Cathy and her grandchildren, Sherry, Zoey, and Paul. Chapel Lawn will cremate since Kaye's request to donate her body to science has been denied. No service is planned. Chapel Lawn 885 - 9715

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