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HENRY ST. GODARD (published on July 13, 2009)

HENRY ST. GODARD With sadness, Henry St. Godard's children and grandchildren announce that he has died, a few months short of his 90th birthday, on July 10, 2009. Born September 20, 1919 in The Pas, dad was youngest of eight children, and spoke only French until he was old enough to wander off and meet the neighbours. As a boy, he raced dog teams along the Saskatchewan River, in the shadow of his famous older brother, émile, an Olympic champion dog-musher, whom he idolized. Dad's trophies and dog-racing lore remain a source of family pride. A stand-up chest-out man, dad enlisted in the Second World War, hoping to fly. He was disappointed that his poor vision kept him grounded, but appreciated in later life that being on terra firma in England is what enabled him to come home, marry mom, and raise a family in Flin Flon. For 40 years and four months, dad worked hard for the company, first underground as a miner, and later in the mine office. But this was just to pay the bills; his real reason for getting up in the morning (and doing his exercises on the living room floor), was the family he and mom were raising together. They worked hard, put food on the table, and we wanted for nothing. Both mom and dad insisted that their children finish high school, and made no bones about their hopes that we would leave the 'Flon, or at least be aware of what lay beyond its horizons. This we did, and mom and dad were proud of our accomplishments. In the later years, their kids safely launched, mom and dad enjoyed a number of well-earned winter vacations with their friends Ted and Lois Smith. As could make sense only to Flin Floners, they retired to Red Deer, and there joined a small community of expats with whom they enjoyed several years of puttering. Dad loved the fact that neighbourhood kids came knocking on his door to see if he would come out to play with his remote-controlled toy car. After mom's death in 1999 dad deteriorated, and quickly needed to move to Winnipeg for more care. He lived in Deer Lodge Centre, where the dedicated staff did their best to help him, as he became increasingly diminished by longevity. Dad knew his flaws, and surely we knew them too, but he was a gentle man, he meant well always, and he never said a bad word about anyone. A friend, he said, is someone who knows all your faults, but doesn't give a damn. Dad's legacy is his family, which leaves no small responsibility on our shoulders. But it is not too onerous a task he has set before us: be nice, appreciate kindness, and never pass up a chance for an ice-cream cone. We'll miss you dad, but we're glad it's over. Sue (Harv, Jill, Todd and Loni); Debi (Hannu, Curt, Leslie); Ted (Christina, Stefan); Louise (Steve, Crystal); John (Marcel). And of course, great-granddaughter Lauren, who missed knowing you, but for whom you always had a smile. Funeral service to be held at Deer Lodge Centre Chapel, 2109 Portage Ave., Tuesday, July 14, 10:00 a.m., Father Fred Olds officiating. In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Deer Lodge Foundation in dad's name. Neil Bardal Inc. (204) 949-2200

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