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CLAUDE R. THIBAULT (published on October 03, 2009)

B. GEN (RET) CLAUDE R. THIBAULT I passed away peacefully (hopefully) on September 27, 2009 at the age of 61. I was predeceased by my parents of adoption, Albert and Gabrielle Thibault. I will be eternally grateful to them for their generosity in raising me from birth to adulthood while instilling in me a strong sense of ethics, self-discipline, integrity and honesty. To my most loyal wife Marilyn, I thank you for your unending support throughout my professional career and the many travels across Canada and Europe. Alan and Tammy, I regret that I wasn't always there for you but let there be no doubt that you were always first in my heart. I am extremely grateful to my country and the RCAF for taking a kid like myself out of high school and teaching me how to fly and opening a whole universe to me. In my 32 plus years, I was allowed to fly trainers such as the Tutor, the T-38 advance trainer on a three year exchange with the USAF, the CF-5 Freedom Fighter in Bagotville, QC, Cold Lake, Alta. and Chatham, NB. I was honoured to work for two years as military assistant to the MND and then I commanded CFB Moose Jaw, home of jet pilot training and the Snowbirds. Later, I was entrusted with commanding the Air Division in Germany with 54 CF-18 under my command. As Commander of the Canadian Forces Europe, I saw the close-out of our two bases in Germany. I served my last year in the CF as Defence Attache in Paris and accredited to Switzerland. I have requested that there be no funeral or memorial service. Rather, I invite you to hoist one to my memory. To all my friends and acquaintances, I hope I will be remembered as a loyal friend and a fair Commander, one who tried to carry out the mission to the best of his ability while taking full consideration for those under my command. So long my friends. Thank you for your love, understanding and loyal support. I will see you anon... Should anyone wish to make a donation or send flowers, please make a donation to Rotary International's ShelterBox @ or 1272 Mysty Woods, Victoria, British Columbia. V8Y 3G6, Phone (250) 595-5974, Toll Free 1 800 677-0990. Arrangements entrusted to the care of the Goulet Funeral Home, 310 Argyle St. S, Renfrew, ON K7V 1T9 (613) 432-2849. Online condolences or donations can be made at

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