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LYLE GEORGE ADDAWAY (published on January 27, 2010)

LYLE GEORGE ADDAWAY October 21, 1958 - January 24, 2010 On Sunday, January 24, 2010, Lyle passed away at the age of 51 years. Remaining to forever cherish Lyle's memory are his beloved children Natalie and Nicole; brother Norman; sisters Nancy, Norma, Debbie and also many nieces and nephews to remember the good things. He was predeceased by his parents Norman and Ruth. Lyle's daughters meant everything to him and he loved them dearly. When his girls were young he cheered them on in school and soccer; he was so proud of them. He taught them the importance of a good education. He also spent his time nurturing them and sharing his love of the outdoors with them, and most of all, loving them. Lyle was a teacher for a good part of his life, and he also worked for the City of Winnipeg. He was smart and educated, full of life, laughter and fun. Lyle enjoyed people and loved to talk and laugh. He was nothing like what this addiction made him. It robbed Lyle of himself and also those who loved him and tried to help him. It was a hopeless, helpless feeling to see the father and brother we knew slipping away. But now his fight is over. We had hopes for him; that his fight would have been over in a very different way. We prayed he would rise up and choose life - his life and be the man we knew he wanted to be again. A private memorial service will be held in honour of Lyle. In memory of Lyle, please love each other the best you can, in the way you are able and encourage someone today to rise up and choose to live while the choice is theirs. If Only..... The words that were meant to be spoken, The things that I needed to say To voice what was in my heart I'm so sorry, I just couldn't find my way. I didn't wake up one day and set out to become what you see, I was more than this, So much more, But if only He was still me. I would have told you it changed everything inside, And it didn't matter how hard I tried, Some things I just couldn't change, And then I lost the ability to decide. It was my fight and mine alone, I saw the sadness in your eyes, But I've been lost for so long in the night, Trying to hold on to my memories of a time That I knew when things were right. I haven't seen me for a long time, The one who loved you - dreamed only of great things for you, Looked in the mirror trying to find the man I used to be, Don't recognize him... If only He was still me. You prayed for me to find the strength, To fight this hell I go through And there were times deep inside part of me still knew, And If only I would say I loved you. I love you.

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