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KEN NARVEY (published on February 27, 2010)

KEN NARVEY On January 17, 2010, Ken Narvey, of Winnipeg, died at the age of 66 from complications arising from heart disease. His funeral took place in Winnipeg at the Chesed Shel Emes with Rabbi Larry Lander and Tracy Kasner officiating on January 19, 2010. Ken was born and raised in the north end of Winnipeg and attended school here right through the University of Manitoba graduating in Economics. He won scholastic awards in every school he attended and was always at the top of his class. He had an encyclopedic knowledge of many subject areas and a remarkable ability with words He was, in short, brilliant as such. Indeed, he was such an outstanding student that he received scholarships from Harvard and MIT and also Oxford. After graduation, Ken pursued a career in legal research - even though he was not a trained lawyer. He seemed to know intuitively how to pore through the legal books to build an argument, how to penetrate the often obscure aspects of legal cases and easily distill the essence of them. Ken moved to Montreal where he deployed these skills in pursuit of war criminals, particularly Nazi War criminals. He became an advocate of and chief participant in what was known as the Coalition of Concerned Congregations and Crimes Against Humanity. Ken devoted virtually the whole of his working life and career to bringing these criminals to justice. His research and dedication to this cause led him to lobby Parliament to change the laws regarding war criminals and he was instrumental in dealing with this issue in the context of the Charter of Freedoms Rights. He was unafraid to intervene on his own in war criminal cases and even in those cases where he did not succeed, he was persuasive in getting his points across. What was immediately noticeable about Ken was his quick mind, his sense of humour and his deep love for his parents. It was his undying love for his mother and father - Gert and Fred Narvey - that brought him back to Winnipeg about five years ago. Their welfare became his primary concern. Ken was always supportive and caring in every way he could, especially given the limitations of his own health in the last few years. Ken could converse with his father and others in Yiddish, which was a love of his for many years. In fact, Ken was trilingual since he was also fluent in French. Ken had a meaningful relationship with his partner Claire Dumont during his years in Montreal and even after his return to Winnipeg. He is survived by his father Fred Narvey of Winnipeg and his sister Janice Afruma of California.

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