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DIXON A. J. ROBERTSON (published on April 10, 2010)

(DICK) DIXON A. J. ROBERTSON After a lengthy illness Dixon (Dick) passed away peacefully on April 4, 2010, with his loving wife and children by his side. He was predeceased by his father Andrew and Mother Ellen, Aunt Sarah (California), also, his fishing buddy Jake Murray March 31, 2009. Left to cherish his memory and celebrate the life he had with us is his wife of 22 years Audrey; his children Michael (Patsy), Steven (Julie), Brenda (Andy), Fred (Nancy), Debbie, Bonnie (Kyle), Michelle (Randy); his sister Andrea (Peter) (Arizona) and Elizabeth (Bernie). His 11 grandchildren Ashley, Jason, Matthew, Candace, Branden, Samantha, Chantel, Kristine, Jennifer, Romen and Matthew; brought him joy and always a smile on his face. Also, his many nieces and nephews and their children. If you wanted to know anything about sports Dick was the one to ask he knew almost every stat and player in any given sport. Football, hockey, basketball, soccer, curling, baseball, bowling and darts being his favourites and, of course, a good game of crib. It is through bowling that Dick and Audrey met. In loving memory of Dad's special fishing friend Jake Murray and family. They spent many weekends fishing camping and sharing life long stories about family and their journeys through life. May you both catch many fish in a place where they are plentiful. They were so alike yet so different as many would say and that was the special bond they shared as friends. Another special friend that touched Dick's life and helped him through many stages of his journey in life in health and sickness, Merv was there for him. Merv was very supportive and encouraging to get Dick out in the yard and gardening when he was sick at home. He was always there when Dick needed him for something. Thank you Merv, we all appreciated your friendship with the family and caring for Dick like you did. Thank you for his special Chair which I will be keeping. Thank you to his many friends from Legion #30 where Dick became an Honorary member for all the work he did around the Legion. Thank you all for supporting him in health and in his long period of illness. He always came home with some kind of story from the Legion. He loved flirting with the staff (females of course). Dick started working at MTS right out of school and remained with the company for 37 years and made many friends. He remembered you all but special friends were Bob and Pat Kuzak, Ron Ricola and family, Frank and Lois, Lucy Mahon. Sorry if we have missed anyone special he will be in your hearts now forever. Our very Special Thank you and gratitude to Dr. Finlayson (Seven Oaks Hospital) for his devotion to Dick and the family and always telling us the truth in the caring of our father, husband. Dr. Finlayson took unbelievable care of Dad from day one, he represented compassion, patience and empathy to the highest degree to the whole family and especially Dad (Dick). He is one extraordinary doctor. We are all blessed to have had first hand experience in knowing him. He is one of a kind! You were a gift to us from God, we will always remember your kindness, your thoughtfulness, your total commitment and tender care and understanding to our Dad and all of us during this time of grieving. You were never short of information and details and we were all grateful for that... even Dad. He knew when you stopped in because you took the time to talk to him until he understood, even if he didn't seem to - he did! You still persevered to make sure Dad knew what was going on at all times. We knew his friendly hand jesters of the talks you gave him and we cherish the laughter it brought to us all. We THANK YOU again from the bottom of our hearts we are forever grateful for being so honest with us and compassionate at the same time. THANK You for being the great HUMANITARIAN that you are! Thank you to the group of Nurses at ICU at Concordia Hospital. They were there every moment Dad needed and spent time to talk to him and the family when we had a question. We are very grateful and appreciate everything you did to make our Dad as comfortable as could be. Thanks to the nurses at ICU who assisted Dad in getting up for the first time and leaving us a note on the writing board, so when we arrived for our daily visit we could read the good news. For the times you took to sit and care for him, while doing for others, so Dad could be comfortable. You made us smile at times when we thought we couldn't and you gave us hope. Thank you to another special nurse who took the time out of her busy day to have a game of crib with Dad, he did win the game however, he was gracious enough to let her know she missed a point and let her take it. Again leaving us a message on the writing board to see the progress he was making and the joy it gave the family to read that. Those are memories we will never forget for the compassion you all showed and to take the time to do this is remarkable. We thank you all for these memories we will forever cherish. Val (Seven Oaks Hospital) 5th floor Unit 4; Val was with us the morning that Dad (Dixon) passed away, assisting Brenda (his daughter) through this difficult time until the rest of the family arrived. Val comforted Dad as well with great compassion and empathy, this is something we will never forget. There are no words to express our THANK YOU enough for your compassion, support that you gave all of us. We could not have asked for better care during this time as Dad crossed over from one life to another place that would give him eternal life with out pain and worry. To the Special Nurses on 5th floor Unit 4 who showed a friendly spirit in the care they gave Dad. The caring for Dad was a timely task and you all preformed with grace, patience, laughter and great compassion. You all took the time to talk to the family at any given time and at times it was rough. Even though Dad was the patient you seemed to all care for us too. Thank you for the thoughtfulness and devotion to us all, Val, Marybeth, Sandy, Theresa, Dale for being the persons and the nurses that you are. You were all a blessing to us and you will be in our hearts forever. (Sorry if we forgot anyone). Thank you for the thoughtfulness of assisting on the arrangement of prayers for Dad (Dixon) and the family. The thoughtfulness of the Tim Horton's coffee cart, it certainly was appreciated. Not to forget the tail end of our journey with the loss of our loved one. We want to say Thank you to Chad from Wheeler Funeral Chapel, 211 Regent Ave. Chad showed great compassion and understanding the minute we stepped into his building. Making us feel just like it was home. He spent time with the family for hours never rushing to get on with it. He is a very patient and supportive individual. We appreciate all you did for us. In Lieu of flowers donations can be made to any charity of your choice in Dixon's memory. Honoring Dick's wishes cremation has taken place. A celebration of his life will take place at a later date with family only as per his wishes. A Husband, A Father, A Friend! HOW DO YOU SAY GOOD-BYE!

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