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SUSANNA HECHT (published on April 13, 2010)

SUSANNA HECHT On April 4, 2010 our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother left this earth to be with the Lord. She had wished this for a number of years and at times mused that God had forgotten her here on earth. She was born as Susanna Krause in Nowy-Witebsk, Kreis Kriwojrog, Ukraine on October 24, 1914 and had three sisters and three brothers. At age 17 she married Johann Franz Friesen. They had two children, Susa (married to John Dueck) and Franz (married to Anna Düster), before her husband was taken by the communists. Subsequently, she married Leonidas Hecht and had four children with him, Alfred (who died after six months), a second Alfred, (married to Linda Huebert), Helen (married to Edward Wayne Toews) and Johanna (married to John Allen Toews). Leonidas brought two children with him into the family from his earlier marriage to Mom's sister Lena, Rudolf (married to Leslie Harrison (deceased) and Elsa (married to Henry Dueck). Lena had died earlier. Together we are seven brothers and sisters. All of us are still living. At the time of her death Mom had 22 living grandchildren, 43 great-grandchildren and nine great-great-grandchildren. Except for one grandson and two great-grandsons who live in the USA, all others live in Canada. Surviving her is her youngest brother, Bernhard Krause. Like many other Mennonites, Mom left Russia in the Trek westward and finally landed in the D.P. (Displaced Persons) camp at Gronau in Germany. It was here that she was baptised and joined the Mennonite Brethren Church with Elmwood, MB being her home church in Winnipeg. From Germany our family left for Paraguay in 1948 where we settled in Colony Neuland. Through the sponsorship of Mom's brother Bernhard and sister Tina in Canada, we were able to migrate to Winnipeg, Canada in 1955. She will be dearly missed by us, her children.

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