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WILHELMINA SCHRYVERS DE KAN (published on June 12, 2010)

WILHELMINA SCHRYVERS DE KAN Wilhelmina Schryvers-Dekan, affectionately called Willy' by many, was born in Naarden-Bussum, The Netherlands on May 9, 1916. She grew up there, attending primary and high school, and then continued with teacher's college in Amsterdam, graduating in 1936. She taught primary school in Bussum until 1939 when she joined her fiancé, Wim Copper, in Bandung, Indonesia, and was married. Willy's teaching career was briefly interrupted by the birth of her first son Paul in Surabaya 1940, and later a second son, Hugo, arrived in March 1942, at the start of the Japanese occupation. In 1943, Willy's first husband Wim died as a prisoner of war in Thailand, unbeknownst, to Willy until the war ended. Late in 1945, Willy returned to The Netherlands with her two sons, recommencing her teaching. In 1947, Willy married Arnold Schryvers, moving to Sumatra: a third son, Arnold, was born there in 1948. In 1951 the family immigrated to Saskatoon. During her time there, Willy concentrated on raising her family, whilst also becoming noted for her talents as an artist of water colour and oil landscapes and portraits. Her daughter Tine was born in 1952, while her fourth son, Tony, joined them in 1954. Following the death of her husband Arnold in 1994, Willy stayed in the family home in Saskatoon until 2000, after which she moved to Winnipeg, where she spent the remainder of her life. She passed away serenely in the presence of family on Wednesday June 9, 2010, leaving behind five children, nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren, who shall miss her dearly. The nine grandchildren include Paul's children, Pia, Lucina and Quintin; Tine's children, Cole, Clay and Takara; and Tony's children, Michael, David and Peter. The eight great-grandchildren are Lucina's children Asher, Christian, Thalia, Indigo, Jasper and Cielo, and Michael's children Isaac and Alaric.

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