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CHRISTIE BARBARA MCDIARMID (published on June 26, 2010)

CHRISTIE BARBARA MCDIARMID Dearly beloved wife of Arni Neil Arnason and devoted mother of daughters, Aidan Jacqueline McDiarmid (age 11) and Elizabeth Candace McDiarmid (age 7), Christie died peacefully, with family and friends by her side, on June 21, 2010 after a brief struggle with cancer. Born December 30, 1962, Christie was proud of her Scottish heritage and the McDiarmid family of builders and politicians. Her father, Alistair Findlay McDiarmid and her mother Barbara Helen McDiarmid (née Auger) predeceased her in 1991 and 2007 respectively. She is survived by siblings on her father's side (Judy Bethel, Tia and Peter McDiarmid) and on her mother's side (Jim, Bill and Jacquie Mitchell, Candace Skrapek) and by much-loved nephew and nieces, Colin, Erin, Kate and Jamie. A Fort Garry girl all her life, she grew up on Holly Avenue with summers at the Matlock cottage of her Auger Grandmother or at Clearwater Bay with her parents. She was a gifted musician: a band girl at Vincent Massey (bass clarinet), and singer in choirs (Winnipeg Girls, Westworth United Church) and musicals. She had many careers: front desk manager (Westin Hotel), addictions counselor (River House), realtor (Century 21); but she found her true calling in volunteer work and event co-ordination for her daughters' schools (écoles Crane et Viscount Alexander) and activities (Pembina Trails Voices). She was a superb organizer and motivator for these and for her church and her family. Two special events in her life were her trip to visit her brother Bill stationed in Tanzania and her romantic tour of Europe with Neil. But above all, the birth and nurturing of Aidan and Elizabeth were what gave her life joy and purpose. Christie was a tall, strikingly beautiful woman whose smile, humour and graciousness delighted her friends and collaborators. She heartily accepted Neil's son, Arni Lukas Arnason, into the family and facilitated the relationship between him and the girls. Her strong sense of faith and spirituality and the support of her church community helped her navigate times in her life when she felt abandoned and during her final illness. Her strong sense of caring and compassion showed in the devotion she gave to caring for each of her parents in their final years. In turn, her close friends of almost 40 years, Kathy Strachan and Heather Tessier comforted her in her final days. The family wishes to thank Drs. Daeninck and Gingerich and the wonderful staff of Ward 7aWest at St. Boniface Hospital for easing Christie's ending. Neil wishes to thank Lorraine Moore, Candy and Jacquie for their support. A memorial service will take place on Sunday, June 27 at Westworth United Church, 1750 Grosvenor Avenue at 2:00 p.m. In lieu of flowers, the family would prefer that donations be made to the Stephen Lewis Foundation or to the United Church Mission and Service Fund. There will be an opportunity to contribute to a book of remembrance intended to provide recollections and insights about their mother so her daughters may better know and remember her as they grow up. NEIL BARDAL INC. (204) 949 - 2200

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