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NADIA MARIA GIESBRECHT (published on September 18, 2010)

NADIA MARIA GIESBRECHT April 24, 1932 September 14, 2010 Mrs. Giesbrecht, you have three to six months, you should get your things in order They truly had no idea who they were talking to. Too many things to do and see... No! this will never do! Well it's 11 years later and on her own terms, Nadia has chosen this time, to move on to her next great adventure. And this one is special. She's off to reunite with her darling little Sheila, who went ahead in 1969, and of course her husband Dick who left in 1990. Nadia is leaving with us many precious memories and a lifetime of wisdom to guide us. A most selfless, giving and patient person, she has gently been and continues to be the rock solid foundation on which our family is based. Never one to back down from a challenge, this quintessential small town girl left the farm in Shortdale, MB at 15 and never looked back. Always choosing the path of greatest resistance, (which was always her best adventure anyway) she boldly moved to the city and set about making her own way in this world. And how could she fail? On top of the world, making $1.62 per hour, at Swift's, how much better could it get? Well, it got a lot better when she met a young lad at Empire Drugs. Why not get married after three weeks? Another new adventure... the start of a family; two girls, two boys. Then, just go ahead and be the best Mom ever. Cook the best meals, keep the cleanest house, and then make each child feel special every moment of every day of their lives. It's just how it's done. Never say or do something you have to be sorry for, because then you'll never have to worry. Be honest, be kind; give instead of take. Oh yes, then live by these simple rules every moment of every day of your life. And when your kids grow up and have kids of their own, be the best grandma, granny, granster, or G-ma you can be, and it's easy. Just keep being who you are. Life throws lemons? Make lemonade. Lose a daughter at age 11? Love em all a little more. Husband passes and leaves you alone? Buy a car, THEN get your licence (of course, another adventure). Doctors give you terrible news? Just fight with every fiber of your being. Chemo five times? Piece of cake. Radiation? Six different sessions. When you have to see your last grandchild graduate, there's no time to die. I'm pretty good, even when you have enough meds in you to fall a horse, less than one lung left, and a tube up your nose, how else could you be? Pretty good. Well, you've been more than pretty good. You've been incredible, and as you go on this next adventure, you leave an incredible legacy. Strength, incredible strength, dignity, integrity, and so much wisdom. You are simply... the best. You'll always be here. When we think of another first, thank you. When we share kind words with others, thank you. When we put on a brave face, thank you. When we forgive, thank you. You are the sun in our universe, the star of our show, and oh my goodness we will miss you. Loved forever by daughter Judy (Reg), sons Richard (Susan) and David (Liz) and grandchildren Lindsay, Cody, Cooper, Cierra and Steffan. Now go, your next adventure awaits. Godspeed and love. If friends and family desire, donations may be made to CancerCare, Manitoba. Today, go out and try to change the world

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