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MOHAMMED MURVIN ABAS (published on September 18, 2010)

MOHAMMED MURVIN ABAS December 4, 1994 to September 14, 2010 Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim On Tuesday, September 14, 2010, Moshe', the fourth child and centre of the family of Murvin and Hiam Abas, passed on to the next life while he was on one of his many enjoyable afterschool activities. Moshe's day was an enjoyable day with the constant love, attention and watchfulness of his family and from those who were an active part of his life. Starting at four months of life Moshe required a series of specialized emergency cardiac surgeries the family was grateful Moshe survived and they are thankful to Allah to have had Moshe in their lives for an additional 15 years. The standard of love and care for Moshe was established in the home by his parents Murvin and Hiam and extended to all whom would participate in Moshe's life. Moshe's parents dedicated their lives to ensuring Moshe would live his life to the fullest, each and every day of his life. And, they planned for his future to be sure he would be accorded the dignity and respect consistent with the gift of Moshe's life granted by the will of Allah to the family. Moshe was loved and cared for by his older brother Belal and younger brother Yusuf; his older sisters Layal and Siba so genuinely cared for Moshe in their daily lives Moshe knew how to communicate his needs so clearly to Layal resulting in frequent drive-abouts with a valued stop at McDonalds; baby sister Yumna always brought a sparkle to Moshe's eyes. Moshe's siblings enjoyed making sure their brother was comfortable and fulfilled each day. Each day of Moshe's life ended with the smiles of being comforted by either of his parents' warm embrace, watchfulness and turns throughout the night. The life of Moshe Abas was a full life. His father and mother provided for extra care throughout Moshe's life. Every detail of his life was attended too lovingly and always with thanks to Allah. Moshe's physical strength was matched with a strong spirit that was evident in his bright smile, his playful mischievousness, his appreciation and love for being active and on the go'. It was this spirit for living that allowed Moshe to enjoy play-fighting with his brothers; he also enjoyed playing with various pots and pans to generate sufficient noise that at times was certain to be his contribution to family conversation; his enjoyment for going out for drives was a daily undertaking; his enjoyment for flying was fulfilled as Moshe had travelled to Mecca, Lebanon, Disney World, New York, Dubai, Vancouver, Las Vegas and Minneapolis, and other lovingly planned destinations; his love of the outdoors made the spring, summer and fall seasons special for Moshe; his love for going to school, bowling, swimming, the Friday Night Club, through to his love of listening to the recitation of the Quran combined to give Moshe a quality of life that mirrored the depth of the love of his father Murvin. The family would like to acknowledge everyone who contributed to Moshe's quality of life, those who gave selflessly and went beyond to ensure Moshe's dignity and needs were not left unattended. These people include his immediate support care providers Lois Delaronde, Thomas Lockhart and Brian McLeod Thomas, Moshe will always love you, and May God Bless You'. And we thank the staff and students of the schools Moshe attended: Fisher Branch Elementary School, Beaumont Elementary School, Charleswood Junior High and Oak Park High School. The family sends thanks to Dr. Biber who always ensured to minimize pain throughout the many dental surgeries Moshe had to endure and to Luke Schneider, Orthopedic Services, for always giving Moshe the best braces possible; Cathy Jones for her endless efforts for Moshe and all the other physiotherapists, occupational and speech therapists over the years. In Moshe's final minutes, a prayer to aid in the ascension of his soul to the next life was conducted by Dr. Gerald Minuk Dr. Minuk, the family would like to thank you in offering our son protection and dignity in his last moments of this life'. Special thanks to Ali Harb, Boyd Abas, Murray Abas, Dale Abas, Walid Hajar and Dr. Khaled Hajar, Nancy Abbas and Dianne Ammeter for full observance in completing Moshe's mission in this life. A heartfelt thanks to Aunt Rushdieh Abas for the endless love and care shown throughout Moshe's life Moshe truly felt how deeply he was loved . Moshe has touched the lives of his expansive extended family in Canada and in Lebanon he will be missed by all the Hajar families of Walid, Marwan, Khaled, Maen, Mohamed, Layla, Najah, Sanah and Houda, Jeudi Hamed and Sittie Ghaliya, and the Abas families Keith, Earl, Boyd, Murray, David, Dale, Ann, Ferial, Nancy, Karen and Dianne. Moshe is predeceased by his paternal grandparents Jeudi Joseph and Sittie Hajjeh Hajar Abas, paternal Uncle Faez Tasse and first cousin Merranda Abas. Funeral Services, officiated by Imam Sheikh Hosni, were held on September 15, 2010 at the Grand Mosque of Winnipeg 2455 Waverley Street with interment at the Glen Lawn Memorial Gardens -Islamic Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the: Cerebral Palsy Association of Manitoba 105 - 500 Portage Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 3X1

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