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JOSEPH BRIAN COOK (published on March 05, 2011)

JOSEPH BRIAN COOK On Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Joseph Brian Cook passed away at the Victoria General Hospital. Brian was predeceased by his parents Margaret and Joseph Cook and his sisters Marion Roy and Joyce Howe. He will always be fondly remembered with lots of love by his children Jordi (Lisa Manning), Jennifer (William Glass) and Cameron (Margo Von Cook), and his grandchildren Dahri, Alexandra, Marlo, Ted and Samantha, brother-in-law Marcel Roy and his nieces and nephews on the West Coast: Leslie, Renee, Michelle, Laurel, Bradley and Jerry Joe. Brian remained close with his former wife Marilyn and enjoyed her company during his recent illness. He was a fond addition to many family events with his in-laws, nieces and nephews on the Goodine side of the family. Those who were fans of bean stick chop-suey were at the top of his list. Born in Winnipeg on November 2, 1930, Brian loved everything about his city. He enjoyed art and socializing at school and honed his natural talent for sales into a career installing furniture and supplies to school divisions across the province for Moyer Vico. Known to many holding a drink as Cookie , he loved to laugh and tell stories. Family and friends will attest that one couldn't go anywhere with Cookie without stopping several times to chat with people he knew. He was a lively member of the Rounders at the Pembina Hotel which gave him lots of opponents for billiards and darts, games he developed a taste for early in life. A man who would do anything for his family and friends, it was his goal in life to be happy and make people smile, which he achieved with great acclaim. He loved pets and was often called upon by family members to care for them, which he did gladly, although he drew the line at the pony. He loved golf, reading, music, singing, dancing and entertaining. Friends at the cottage will recall Cookie blasting his antique wind up record player and singing Al Jolson long into the night! Cookie was a believer of reincarnation. Look up at the sky when you think of him because he thought he was coming back as a bird, preferably an eagle! Memorial Donations can be made to the Manitoba Branch of the Kidney Foundation or D'Arcy's A.R.C.

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