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PEARL WOLD (published on September 10, 2011)

PEARL WOLD With much love and many wonderful memories, the family of Pearl Wold announce her peaceful passing on September 5, 2011, at the Betel Home in Gimli, Manitoba. Pearl was born August 20, 1913, in Geysir, Manitoba, the daughter of Rannveig (VeigaSigmundson) and Andrew Finnbogason. She was the eldest of nine siblings: brothers Finnbogi (Bogi), Sigmundur (Simbi), Ebenezer (Ebbi), Fred and Baldur; and sisters Jonina (Dick), Gunrose (Bilan) and Lily (Barnard). She married Magnus (Mike) Wold from Norway and raised their family, Doris, Gladys, Blanche and Magnus, on Grund farm in Geysir. They were very sociable and active in their community and their home was always open to all. She was educated at the Geysir School. She was a lover of animals all her life, and enjoyed her early years on the farm. She was a fluent speaker of Icelandic. Her family was her pride and joy: Doris and Jack McDonald (Sharon, great-grandchildren Amanda and Dustin; Pamela and Andrew Vaux; Scott and Wendy; Grant), Gladys and Johnny Chudd (Cheryl and Ross Bailey, great-grandsons Neil and Craig; Calvin (Colleen), great-grandchildren Chantal (great great-granddaughter Hayley Eyjolfson), Kristen, Tanner) Blair, Blanche and Jim Condon (Curtis (Beth) - great-grandchildren Emily, Andrew and Ian; Tim (Linda) - great grandson Tyler; Sean (Lisa) - great-grandchildren Madison, Lindsey and Noah), Magnus and Doreen (Alanna (Dave Taro) - great-grandsons Daven and Cade; Lee - great-grandsons Kolyn and Kacy). She is survived by her two youngest sisters, Gunrose and Lily. She was predeceased by husband Mike (Magnus); daughters Glady and Blanche; grandson Calvin Chudd; granddaughter Sharon Morosek; and great-granddaughter Amanda Morosek. Pearl has always been a special aunt to her many nieces and nephews and their families, and is an honourary Amma to LuLubelle (Lynne Nixon) and Roslyn Farrell. We always called her Grandma Pearl , but her grandson Calvin christened her AmmaGamla when his daughter Chantal was born, and that is what we've called her ever since. Pearl and Mike sold the farm and moved to Winnipeg in the mid 1950s. Pearl worked at the Canadian Forces Base and later at Sears Polo Park in the mail room until her retirement. She made many friends and could never go to Polo Park without being stopped by someone who knew and enjoyed her outgoing, friendly nature. She enjoyed traveling to visit friends and family in Iceland and Norway, her daughters Doris in Arizona and Blanche in California, son Magnus in California and B.C., her sister Lily in Oklahoma and Europe. She loved bus trips and went all over Canada and the States by bus, making many new friends on the way who frequently kept in touch. She often traveled to Gimli by bus to visit Glady and her family or to Arborg to visit her parents and other relatives, and knew every bus driver well! She always had an adventurous spirit and very sociable nature. Pearl was known all her life as a real people person! She was lots of fun, extremely generous, outgoing and positive. She loved to laugh and have a good time. She would describe someone like herself as being full of piss and vinegar ! She had many, many lifelong friends. She would give you the shirt off her back and her home was always a place where people were warmly welcomed and well fed. She took pride in her home and was always neat and tidy even though she was far from rich in money; her wealth was made in the wonderful relationships she nurtured and cherished throughout her life. She was a beautiful woman, frequently complimented by others, and always looked like a million bucks. Although she has had a number of challenges through the years, she was never a complainer. The losses of her cherished daughters, Glady and Blanche, were devastating for her. But she always saw the best in people and believed that the intentions of others were good. Pearl was an expert knitter; her mittens were the best. She enjoyed crocheting too, and created some real masterpieces, such as large, beautiful crochet versions of the Lord's Prayer and 23rd Psalm (one which hangs proudly in the Arborg Lutheran Church). She was an excellent cook and baker. No one could make vinetartas like she could! She loved playing cards and delighted in beating her grandchildren and great-grandchildren (or anyone else) at 31 . She always enjoyed socializing, traveling, bingo and music. Pearl has been a treasure in our lives and we were fortunate to have had her with us for 98 years! Her family would like to express gratitude to the wonderful, caring staff of Betel and to Dr. R.C. Patel for the excellent care given to Pearl. In accordance with her wishes, no service will be held at this time but a celebration of her life will be held in July 2012. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Betel Home in Gimli would be welcome. Goda not, satha rot, jadla not Gilbart Funeral Home, Gimli, in care of arrangements.

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