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RYAN DALE O'CONNOR (published on September 23, 2011)

RYAN DALE O'CONNOR July 17, 1977 - August 17, 2011 Sadness, regret, bereavement, anguish...none of these words express the epic devastation that Ryan's family and close friends are feeling after losing him to the sea in Ibiza on August 17, 2011. He leaves behind his mother, Gina O'Connor; his father, John O'Connor; his sister, Tara O'Connor; his nephew, Louis O'Connor; and niece, Asherah Albo; his stepfamily: John, Brooke and Croft Petersmeyer; his half brothers Nathaniel and William; aunts: Teresa, Liz, Andrea, Michelle (Pebs), Linda and Irene; uncles: David, Martin, John and Bruce; cousins Paul, Rebecca, Rachel, Mandy, Brian, Daniel, Harry, Derek, Craig, Robin, Trevor, Allyson, Joe and Adam; and grandmothers Joan O'Connor and Mildred Husiak. He will be remembered by his friends in Winnipeg: Matthew and Erin, Kevin, Charlie H, Ben, Kenny, Mick, Brett, Chris B, Katie, MC, Frank Albo and Marnie Ladd. Ryan moved to the island of Ibiza a decade ago. He had a close-knit group of friends that were his family, he is sorely missed by Wilbur, Zillie, Bones, Sascha, Marcus, Pilas, Vice, Dean, Sara, Naza, Richard and Xochitl, Krissy and Geoff, Erik and Emelie, Gilly and Rui, Alana, Luca, Elsa, Brydie, Gunti, Nik, Pol, Lewis, Nina, Barbara and of course Bea Rodriguez Diaz, his big love of nearly seven years. Ryan was also a proxy uncle to Suki and Raffi who adored him and whom he loved dearly. Ryan grew up in Winnipeg and after a brief sojourn in England, Scotland and Ireland he settled on the Island of Ibiza, known by the locals as Scorpio Island. He loved music, and was a talented DJ and a genius on a Mac. Everyone who knew Ryan loved him, his smile could light up a room...and a dancefloor. He was caring, compassionate, generous and sensitive; always ready to lend a helping hand, and like Ganesh he was a remover of obstacles, nothing could stand between him and helping out a friend. He was also one of the funniest people alive, and had a fabulous laugh to go with his incredible sense of humour. Ryan had the most amazing taste in food, music, art and fashion, from his hair to his shoes, he always looked incredible and he put his style together naturally and effortlessly. He was also a dyed-in-the-wool romantic. He loved to make the people he cared about feel special by doing sweet things and giving gifts for no occasion except because he loved you. He had a very close and special relationship with his mom, he always wanted to succeed in life so he could fly her to Ibiza and treat her to dinners and shopping, and make her proud. Ryan was also extremely smart, when he was a kid he could take apart any electronic device, fix it, and put it back together again. He had an astounding brain for mathematical problems and an unusual gift for comprehending complex systems. But it was his heart that endeared him to so many, including animals, Ryan loved pets, especially dogs and cats, he had a special spot for Krissy's dog Tenny, Bea's cat Minnie, and little Lila. He also adored his childhood dogs Dusty and Satchmo. If it's true that those who have passed before you wait for you on the other side then Minnie, Leigh Sigurdson, Kevin and Thomas O'Connor, Harry Husiak, and Alana and Jai were all there to greet Ryan when he arrived. In Ibiza, Ryan was the king of after party, and there is no doubt that after Heaven on a Saturday night he will be sneaking friends into the Elysium - throwing Cerberus a bone and joining Heracles, Orpheus and Persephone for the best after-party ever! We love you Moon Child, Rest in Peace Brother. On Sunday the 25th between 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. a private memorial for family and friends will be held in honour of Ryan at the family's residence in Winnipeg. For those who wish, a donation can be made in Ryan's memory to the Humane Society or Darcy's Arc.

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