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published on January 04, 2010

Tod Hughes
Relationship: Friend
Date Signed: January 05, 2010
I haven't seen Tim since high school and particularly spent more time together in junior high. The kindness and gentleness as such a young man was really different to see at that young age, but Tim clearly had a kind, helpful spirit. My sincere condolences on your loss. Tod Hughes

Paul McLennan
Relationship: Friend
Date Signed: January 05, 2010
Tim and I have been friends since childhood. Our families camped together. We worked together as land surveyors. We travelled throughout Europe, Egypt and the Canary Islands for six months after buying a used VW Beetle ("Clyde") off the street in Amsterdam. We crashed Tim's motorcycle together on Pembina Hwy with Tim receiving the more serious injuries. We lived together on Langside just before Tim and Gale married. Tim was always fun, a good friend and a very fine person. It is shocking that he left us so soon. I will always remember Tim with a smile. He is missed.

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