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This web site is the property of FP Canadian Newspapers Limited Partnership, and contains a complete list of obituary notices, as published in the Winnipeg Free Press newspaper, dating back to September, 1999. It is intended for public use only. As well, the complete list of In Memoriams date back to July, 2007.

To locate an obituary, simply enter the last name of the deceased, click submit and within seconds, a list of all obituaries containing that name in the heading will appear on your screen.

For added convenience, once you have located the notice, you may access one of the following features, which allows you to submit to a selected obituary.

Please note: All Photo Gallery, Guest Book Tributes and Life Stories will be reviewed for appropriate content before being posted to the web site. We reserve the right to remove any Photos, Guest Book Tributes or entire Guest Books, as well as Life Story entries or any other content for any reason. Entries to these features are posted within 48 hours.

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