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BAM BAM ERNEST (KEVIN) KUZ (published on February 28, 2009)

BAM BAM ERNEST (KEVIN) KUZ Tragically, on January 31, 2009 in Cochrane, Alberta our beautiful son and brother passed away. Kevin was joyfully welcomed into the world in Winnipeg on July 10, 1962 by his parents Ernie and Elaine Kuz and sister, Patricia Kuz. He grew up in Winnipeg and enjoyed his summers playing hide and seek, cycling and tire-tubing at Grand Beach. Eventually, Ontario beckoned him for work in his twenties and he left to test his adult wings. He stayed in Ontario for over 20 years, though he returned home often to visit old friends and spend time with his family at his beloved Grand Beach. He spent hundreds of hours over the years exploring the wilderness and trails of 16-Mile Creek on foot and by mountain bike. This shared love of nature and adventure was where he formed close friendships with Patrick, Adam and Mark. It was also the place where he proposed to the love of his life, Liz Duarte. Our gentle blonde giant connected with so many people in his lifetime, many of whom were captured in his treasured collection of thousands of snapshots. Very few people were safe from Kevin's ever-present camera and his love of recording (often less than flattering) candid moments. His collection of photographs also documented his artistic endeavours through the years. During one of his many adventures, Kevin fractured his arm and had to wear a cast for several weeks. He managed to turn this albatross into a work of art using the opposite hand to embellish the casts with plaster sculptures. It was a wonderful personal compliment to him when the artistry of his casts garnered the attention of the hospital administration who asked him to embellish patient casts in the children's wing. Kevin's great love of play and his affinity for creativity knew no bounds when it came to Halloween costume parties. He was never afraid to look silly or test the boundaries of propriety - something that made him the unique and lovable individual that we all knew. Possibly, the most lasting legacy of Kevin's creativity is his labour of love with the beautiful gardens that he and Liz created for their home in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Their collaboration resulted in a stunning piece of paradise with arbors made from collected driftwood, log slice pathways, a living pond and a mosaic of flora and foliage plantings. As well as being a nature-child and artist, Kevin was very much a man's man. He loved the many hours spent in garages working on motorcycles and engines with friends and acquaintances. It was there that he created one of his proudest accomplishments; the customization of his 1967 Triumph chopper. In 2007, Kevin followed his good friend and stucco workmate Adam out west to work in Alberta. The two friends always did their best work when working side by side. To satisfy the nature-lust in him, Kevin located a lovely rural property outside Calgary to call home. He contacted his Winnipeg buddy Bernie Adolphe, who was living in Calgary and the two became roommates. His new home had a beautiful view of the Rockies and provided a place where he could be close to nature at the end of the day. Without question Kevin was a colourful peacock, but those who were closest to him saw beyond the vibrancy to the solemnness that burdened him from time to time. They knew of his unwavering generosity towards those he liked and often even those he didn't. His was a soul that knew no bounds when it came to forgiving the trespasses against him. It is with great loss and sadness that his family and many friends from across the country will no longer have his unique and joyful presence in their lives. We can't even begin to connect the names we've heard Kevin mention over the years with the many faces in his collection of photos, but your presence there tells us that you meant something to him. To those who we happen to know of - Adam and Lorraine, Patrick and Gael, Rick Stymiest, John Baird, Charlie Duarte, Mark, Mike and Kim, Mike and Chris, Keith, Mike Oz, Keith Wright, John Chenenko, John McIntosh, Leo, Dino, Ron, Lisa and David Spurll - thank you for the good things you brought to Kevin's life. Kev, we've brought you home to rest where you told us your best memories were. We'll never stop loving and missing you. We can only pray that you are in a peaceful place now and that we'll eventually be together again. Love, Dad, Mom and Pat To family and friends, please consider this an invitation to join us in Winnipeg for a service to commemorate Kev's life. Saturday, March 7, 2:00 p.m. Westwood Community Church 401 Westwood Drive. Donations in Kevin's memory may be made to The Centre for Suicide Prevention (Canadian Mental Health Association)

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