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MARSHALL ARMSTRONG (published on April 18, 2009)

MARSHALL ARMSTRONG 1945 - 2009 At home the evening of April 13, 2009, Marshall David Armstrong Collison passed away, suddenly and swiftly, seated at his computer keyboard. Born Marshall David Collison, in Winnipeg, he was Dave until early in his broadcast career when he became best known to radio and TV audiences as Marshall Armstrong. The son of newspaper publisher and editor John W. Collison, and stenographer Alison Bruce, Marshall grew up in several Prairie towns including Morden and Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he attended Churchill and Kelvin High Schools. A great marksman, while still in his teens Marshall was a member of the Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders, and military, along with Canadian, British and American history, remained a lifelong passion. Possessed of a great voice, before beginning in radio, Marshall was a part of Winnipeg's storied music scene in the 1960s, singing for Ronnie and the Nomads. Career wise, radio was Marshall's first love, working on-air in Altona, Thompson, Kenora, Toronto, Windsor, Detroit and at CJOB, CFRW, and CKY in Winnipeg. Known to many as a tenacious, old school newsman, while at the top-rated CKY TV in the 1970s and 80s, Marshall was a police, crime, and consumer affairs reporter. His stories were instrumental in introducing Winnipeg's smoke detector bylaws, and in bringing paramedic service to the city. Still at CKY, Marshall became Winnipeg's first TV ombudsman and nightly editorial commentator, and hosted the Sunday night current affairs talk show, Forum. Those who knew him best knew an irreverent crusader who felt the ills of the world too keenly and coped through his sardonic sense of humour. Crusty exterior, soft inside, he built a career out of helping people and seeking to make the world a better place. After broadcasting, Marshall started and ran a number of businesses, most recently the very successful Resume Advantage . Marshall loved kids, and dogs, particularly Black Labs. A foodie, he swore by Ted's Highway Host Super Burger Platter, the original Colosseo pizza, Fazzo Bistro's braised short ribs and roasted tomato soup, and especially, bananas (yellow, never green). A proud Scot, he was partial to oatmeal, bagpipes, Scots brogue, Robbie Burns, curling, Sean Connery and Rod Stewart. A committed technophile and voracious reader, in Marshall's library, only history rivaled his astronomical collection of sci fi paperbacks. Marshall is survived and mourned by wife Elaine and their daughter Megan (Josh), as well as, from his first wife Judith, children John (Tracy), Scott (Kathy) by whom he was predeceased, Rhea, Cameron (Nancy), Graeme (Shira), and Kensie (Ivona); by grandchildren Beck, Scotia, and Connor; and by siblings Fraser (Jaki) and Melanie, and nephews Charles and James. He will be dearly missed and forever remembered. Cremation has taken place and a private memorial will be held. Please share your memories by sending an email to In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Mayo Clinic. Someday I will step out And lift you shoulder high again The way I did before Until then, think of me Shut up here, keeping an eye on you And awaiting the time when we can play together Every day By ordinary standards We are to be separated By a considerable measure of time and distance I want to make it clear That these artificial barriers Can be swept aside By a truer understanding and knowledge Of real existence The intangible bodies and forces that lie between us are the very elements that keep us in contact You and I are not inanimate clods of unfeeling matter But conscious entities comprising body and mind and spirit This power that enfolds us in its vibration at all times Manifests itself in different forms according to our needs The light that brightens the earth With its colour and warmth The vapour that floats across the sky And descends in rain or dew to refresh all growing things The mighty forces that lend to everlasting hills their majesty Or guide the river to the sea Are all of one origin The mysterious force that guides our thoughts across oceans and continents and lights our homes and turns the wheels of industry is identical in its essence All these and many other aspects of the great plan still awaiting discovery Although but recently known to us Have been in operation since the beginning of time This living principle comes in the form In which you need it most Through its power you are given Care and protection, security and comfort Awake or sleeping your body and mind and spirit are being nourished and gently prepared for the destiny that lies before you this life giving flood is called, love - J.W.C, 1945

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